Strengthening LA: Building a Middle-Skill Workforce to Sustain Economic Growth & Expand Opportunity



newskillsatwork-la-report.jpgLos Angeles, July 17, 2015| Well-Paying Job Opportunities Requiring Less than a College Degree Are On the Rise, But Many Angelenos Lack the Skills Required to Qualify. Report identifies critical steps the public and private sectors can take to align education and employee job training; JPMorgan Chase Contributes More Than $2.5 Million to the Effort. 

[M]uch of the funding for adult literacy services that could help prospective workers gain the basic work readiness skills they need has been reduced since 2009, the report found. This opportunity gap threatens not only individual economic mobility but also the future of the region’s middle-skill employee pipeline. CLICK HERE or on the image to read the full report.



CLICK HERE or on the image below to read the full media release from July 17, 2015





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