Successful Campaign to save Family Literacy in LAUSD!

Congratulations to the parents, students, organizer Patricia Bauer and all those who convinced the LAUSD school board to save the Family Literacy program!  Your leadership in this grassroots effort is an example to all of us of the power of organizing!

UnitedAdultStudents posted this video of the speakers from the June 17 LAUSD Board of Education meeting:

Speakers include:
Marcelina Perez 0:00
Patricia Bower: 1:50
Tricia Sarmiento: 3:50
Angel Sarmiento: 6:08
Jasmin / Martha: 7:24
Helen Centillo:  9:27
Walter Aviles: 11:43
Board Member Zimmer: 14:30
Additional Speakers"
Superintendent John Deasy
Board Member Kayser
Board Member Ratliff
Board Member Vladovic
Community Based Org reps

The following is from the website:

LA Family Literacy:

A Program That Will Live on!

Many thanks to all the people who have helped carry the message of the LAUSD Family Literacy program these past few weeks.


As a result of your efforts, Supt. John Deasy and the Board of Education have agreed to continue the program’s funding and to find a long-term solution that will allow it to be self-sustaining. Special thanks go to Boardmembers Bennett Kayser and Steve Zimmer, who actively worked to find a solution. (More info and news coverage here.)

Let’s show our appreciation by phoning and writing to Supt. Deasy and the members of the Board. Their contact information is below.

Our message:

Thanks for supporting

The Family Literacy program!


Supt. John Deasy


Monica Garcia


Tamar Galatzan


Bennett Kayser


Monica Ratliff


Sylvia Rousseau



Richard Vladovic


Steve Zimmer


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Thanks for your interest in the LA Family Literacy Program! 

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